Creative Youth Well-being and Mindfulness Coaching

Suitable for Children and young people aged 8-13 years.

Children and young people who

  • feel socially isolated

  • have low self-confidence
  • suffer from anxiety or depression
  • are experiencing low mood
  • have difficulties identifying and/or managing their emotions

The 8 week program is designed to empower and inspire young minds.

It helps  children and young people to celebrate their uniqueness, become happier, more confident individuals and to respond in a more balanced, rational way when things are difficult.

Using a combination of creative, therapeutic exercises and mindfulness techniques in a safe and positive space, this program will:


  • Promote well-being.

  • Build a greater awareness of  emotions.

  • Develop emotional resilience.

  • Foster positive social skills.

  • Provide a set of  tools that children can use whenever they need them.

Session guide

Session 1: What is mindfulness?

Session 2: Exploring Kindness and Paying it Forward

Session 3: Our Moods and Emotions

Session 4: Growing Gratitude

Session 5: Our Anxiety Mountain

Session 6: Setting Intentions

Session 7: Stress & Your Calm Place

Session 8: Resilience and Bouncebackability


Please contact me to find out how the sessions can be tailored to your needs and for more information on prices and availability.

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